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 Suggestion for the NEW SERVER

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PostSubject: Suggestion for the NEW SERVER    Wed Aug 10, 2011 6:22 pm

Hi, my suggestion for the new server coming out sometime around the end of august or the beginning of september, Is dont give out rares at all and make it to where ONLY the owner can spawn. That way you dont have to worry about Admins giving out spawned items and i mean hey spawning takes the fun out of a server in the first place right =) Only reason to hand out rares is to get them started into the economy so its like a drop party witha set number of each partyhat


Yellow-10 in game
Blue-4 in game
Green-7 in game
White-2 in game
Purple-15 in game
Red-8 in game

With that being said prices on those would be something such as

Blue-700M Each
Green-500M Each
White-1B Each
Purple-100M Each
Red-550mM Each

Too me in my oppinion would be a great example on how rare items should work!
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Suggestion for the NEW SERVER
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